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Cececa Ltd is a Scent Marketing and Odour Management business offering a range of high quality scent diffusion systems and fragrances to create the ultimate ambience in your commercial environment, at home and for special events. With a presence in Europe and as pioneers in Africa, we have years of extensive experience in providing world-class aircare solutions to a variety of distinguished brands.

We are scent connoisseurs with access to a unique portfolio of couture and bespoke fragrances from around the world. Our goal is to transform your world through the power of fragrance, and our process is easy, accessible and affordable.
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The Power of FRAGRANCE

We are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell, rather than something we touch, hear or feel

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25% of ambient scents increase positive product ratings

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40% of customers will linger longer in scented areas

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80% increase in intent to purchase

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75% of emotions we experience are affected by smell

Scent Marketing

What is Scent Marketing?

The sense of smell is our most powerful yet overlooked sense. It is the one most closely linked to our memories and wellbeing. It has the power to stimulate us into higher levels of activity, relax and calm us down, and create the ambient conditions for experiences we’ll never forget.

Simply put, scent marketing is using scent as a highly effective tool to fragrance commercial spaces, creating unforgettable memories, marketing and branding, and differentiating your customer, client or guest experience.
At Cececa, our distinctive edge is that, unlike any other provider, we combine our passion for fragrance with strong marketing, event management and business development expertise; delivering a one-stop shop, all inclusive ambient marketing service.

We are uniquely positioned to use Scent Marketing to transform client, employee, and guest experiences that will ultimately increase your business performance and bottom line.

Our Solutions

Scent Diffusion Systems

Our diverse range of fragrances and diffusion systems, provide the ultimate choice, flexibility and quality that will stimulate a positive sensory impact on your business. Our scent diffusion technology is simple with easy to use controls and ample supplies of fragrance oils, covering offices, hotels, shops, and other corporate facilities of any size. We work with the best scent technology companies and perfumeries in the world to produce exquisite fragrances that will set your business apart

Odour Management

As an fully fledged aircare business we also deal with neutralising malodours from kitchen areas to bathrooms. We have you covered. Get in contact to find out more about our cost-effective odour management systems.

Creating Unforgettable Memories

The venue was great, the food delightful, the atmosphere electric, the guests had a good time – and yet something was missing – an aroma to savour, a fragrance to excite your senses, a scent to make your event literally “Scentsational”…...
Cececa excels at creating phenomenal events through extraordinary scent experiences.
Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or special occasion, we will dramatically transform your event through the power of fragrance using environmentally friendly, couture fragrances and cutting edge scent diffusion systems - all at an affordable price.

Scenting your Event

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Step 1: Contact Us

As part of our free consultation, we will size up your venue and identify the right scent diffusion system for maximum impact
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Step 2: Choose your Fragrance

From traditional to unconventional, from floral, fresh or fruity to sweets, food or drink, we've got scents that suit your ambience
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Step 3: Relax and Enjoy

As you create unforgettable memories for your party guests or make an extraordinary positive and lasting impact on your corporate clients.

Want a unique scent for your event?

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Scent marketing is the ultimate way to increase brand differentiation and improve your commercial environment

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Spas and Salons

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Client Testimonials

I must say we have had a beautiful experience using the Cececa scent, the Orchid fragrance at the lobby is very refreshing and welcoming. Cececa scent has met our needs of creating a beautifully fragranced atmosphere for our esteemed guests.

Dorcas George
The George Hotel

Cececa is a great addition to any store, office or home space as it not only helps to keep things smelling fresh, spicy or woody, whichever one might go for but it's also an environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing solution to odour management. We use ours every day- It's magical!

Teni Sagoe

We love it and our customers love it even more. With hopes to freshen the smell of the restaurant it’s ticked all of our boxes. We’ve received many compliments especially from our return customers.

Yanate Banigo
Sugarcane Restaurant

The scent and experience of space at The Wheatbaker are inextricably linked . Cececa continues to provide a seamless , customized world class product delivered impeccably by an excellent customer focused team.

Mosun Ogunbanjo
The Wheatbaker Hotel


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