About Us

Scent Marketer of Choice

Cececa is a family owned scent marketing business offering a range of high quality scent diffusion systems and
fragrances to create the ultimate ambience in your home, at events and in commercial settings.

The sense of smell is our most powerful yet overlooked sense. It is the one most closely linked to our memories
and wellbeing. It has the power to stimulate us into higher levels of activity, relax and calm us down, and create the
ambient conditions for experiences we never forget. We are passionate about using the power of scent to transform
client, employee, guest and home experiences using expert marketing skills, cutting edge technology and
eco-friendly couture fragrances.

Because fragrancing is both a science and an art, our scent solutions are based on developing a deep
understanding of the unique personality, character, brand and aspirations of our clients and matching
this insight to create a portfolio of amazing bespoke fragrance solutions. Our goal is to get you scenting, so our process is
easy, accessible and affordable.

Cececa can help you achieve the following great benefits:

  • enhanced brand image
  • increased sales and customer loyalty
  • improved employee productivity, alertness and engagement
  • hosting extraordinary events that are impossible to forget
  • beautifully fragranced ambient home environments.

So whether you want to extend your brand, create unforgettable events, or give your home that special edge using the power of scent, Cececa is the answer.  For more information contact us.

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