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Extending your brand, increasing performance

lobby_021featheredHave you ever wondered how your business can consistently and effectively do the following:

  • Create a memorable experience for your customers and staff
  • Extend brand recognition, reputation and loyalty
  • Promote a positive, healthy and hygienic environment that enhances the well-being of customers and staff
  • Improve productivity, alertness and employee engagement
  • Eliminate bad odours and neutralise the air
  • Ultimately strengthen your position, performance and revenues


Scenting is the answer. Many companies around the globe are embracing the powerful effects of scent marketing on their brands, customers, and bottom line performance. From hotel groups such as Inter Continental and Shangri-La, to retail stores the likes of Benetton and Macy’s, to banks like  SocieteGenerale, and offices such as Grant Thornton and Hilton – to name a few.

Cececa offers a diverse range of market leading scent diffusion technology systems that provide the ultimate in choice, flexibility, uncompromised quality and extraordinary impact. Furthermore, we can design and dispense “Signature Fragrances” exclusively for your brand.

Contact us today to receive a free consultation and find out how scent marketing can benefit your business.

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