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  • Alexandria Lamps
  • Pairfum Snow Crystal Candle
  • Pairfum Sachet
  • Pairfum Canopy Infusion
  • Pairfum Gift Set
  • Pairfum Flacon Room Perfume
  • Pairfum Hand Lotion
  • Pairfum Bell Diffuser

Transform your living space through the power of fragrance

Are you frustrated with the low impact, short lifespan, and unimaginative aromas of grocery store plug in air fresheners? Do you want to do more than neutralise bad odours?

Fragrancing has become more and more important as we recognise that our homes are an extension of ourselves and we want to add enchanting aromas which reflect our personalities, character and culture.

Whether you want to create a stimulating zesty ambience, or sophisticated sensuous aroma, or your taste is European, Arabic, traditional, contemporary or a combination – Cececa’s Home and Gift Services are specifically designed to enrich,personalise and add that touch of beauty to the ambience of your home.

Our product range includes:

  • Pairfum - a perfume gift that keeps on giving! PAIRFUM are uniquely innovative products with patented technologies, all of them carefully crafted with personal passion and pride, lovingly handmade and gift wrapped by artisans in the UK. The perfumes are made using organic essential oils and are fully biodegradable, healthy for you and the environment. They honour you and your life; they recall precious moments and let you dream!

  • Alexandria’s fragrance lamps do more than just envelop your home with a wonderful fragrance. They combine a 100 year old concept of air purification with refreshing and therapeutic aromas and the pleasures of rich fragrances. Within Alexander’s newest collection you will find hundreds of styles of hand crafted art glass, porcelain and ceramic lamps ranging from contemporary to traditional.

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