Scent Marketing

Applying the science of scent

What is scent marketing?  Simply put, it is using fragrance as a highly effective tool for marketing, branding
and differentiating your customer, client or guest experience.

At Cececa we take this one step further and combine our passion for fragrance with a strong marketing, event management and business
development expertise, delivering a one-stop shop, all inclusive ambient marketing service.

Making Sense of Scent - Did you know?

  • We are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear or touch.
  • Over 70% of our emotions are based on things we smell.
  • Our sense of smell can be used to influence mood or concentration,increase alertness or reduce anxiety, relieve stress and enhance the quality of life.
  • Research shows that buyer behaviour, customer satisfaction and loyalty increases through the use of the right fragrance.  For example-
    • When scent was used in a restaurant, customers stayed 16% longer and spent 21% more money.
    • In a department store shoppers spent twice as much on days when the shop was scented.
    • When consumers were shopping for electrical equipment in a scented environment, they rated the quality and features as better than the identical products in an unscented stop.

Cececa scent marketing solutions helps you to gain the benefits of applying the science of scent. Call now for your free consultation.

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